Top 5 funniest and dirty things to never say to a Las Vegas Escort

For many, a trip to Las Vegas is a goal. Some people spend years saving to experience the Vegas lifestyle, and when they are finally able to, they do so intensively. One of the “Must-Do” activities is paying for an escort. Escorts in Vegas make the trip a lot more fun, and can virtually guarantee one has a great time. On top of that, a stunning and striking companion provides a much welcomed reputation.

It is important to know how Escorts in Vegas work, to be clear on the fact that a Las Vegas Escort exists only to fulfill the need of companionship. The city is regulated; therefore, all actions must be taken accordingly. Otherwise, it is likely that she will walk away with your money because it was made in advance.

Keeping in mind that there are numerous lines not to be crossed, there are a few comments, questions, and among others, suggestions, funny and otherwise, that one should make sure and avoid making.

Don’t ask for what you know she is not willing to do
Just because you have paid does not mean that she is your property and that, therefore, she will do as you please. Despite the fact that some are ready and willing to engage in certain activities, these fall outside their formal services and special considerations are to be taken. Different women have different limits, just are there are some who are completely off limits. This must all be respected.

Sex is not part of the deal
Never demand, expect or assume that sex is a given with a Las Vegas Escort. Sex in exchange for money is illegal; any escort who formally accepts payment for sexual activities is breaking the law and the terms under which she works. If the topic comes up and she is willing, what happens henceforth is between the two participants and “under the table.” That, however, is not always the case. Most escorts will go out with you and happily enjoy a night out, but will not venture anywhere outside those bounds. It is not their job to do so, and they can very well call for help if limits are exceeded.

Never ask to have unsafe sex
If you happen to be lucky enough to get a Las Vegas escort to sleep you, make sure never to ask for unsafe sex. It seems simple enough, but some men do ask. Whether they are complete idiots or think they are bulletproof, they must never forget that the women also seek to reduce risks. They would never engage in unprotected sex with a complete stranger. Pretexts about only sleep with your wife are always unconvincing and generate curiosity as to the amount of other escorts who were asked and complied.

Don’t terminate an appointment early and ask her to prorate the time
Companionship is paid for in advance. Sex, if she agrees to it, is likely to come at an additional hourly cost. Remember, it is a business. No matter how long the act or acts take, if the encounter ends before the hour, you are expected to pay for the entire time. The same applies if you back out of the agreement. If the reason falls on you, she should not suffer the financial consequences.

Don’t expect her to answer questions that cross boundaries
Having a good night out is one thing and completely acceptable; getting too close might not be so. While many escorts accept, or at least tolerate listening when a man vents, they might not be all that comfortable with having to share their personal lives. Asking for her real name and other details she would rather keep to herself should be off limits considering many escorts never ask a client about home life, wife and children. Different would be if she volunteered such information, but being placed on the hot seat and interrogated is seldom appreciated.

Escorts in Vegas are beautiful, friendly and easy to talk to. They will ensure you experience a pleasant time in their company. They are knowledgeable about talking to stressed gentleman to need to vent, which results is a more pleasant encounter. This, however, should be met with limits; and those limits are pretty clear to each escort. Make sure you remain within said limits and a grand Vegas time will be almost guaranteed.