Some of the most Inappropriate pick up lines that men use

Think of a situation where you are in a social gathering. Suddenly, you see your crush walking towards you. She is wearing that little black dress that highlights her curves in all the right places and her face is lit up with a smile. Your mind urges you to say something. But then, hasn’t this scene replayed itself like a dozen times in the past and you just couldn’t summon the courage to say something? All of a sudden, an idea comes to mind, start the conversation with something witty.
“Did it hurt?” you start. She stares back at you, half wondering whether you are speaking to her and half considering whether to just ignore it.
“What?” she asks and flips her hair. Your palms are sweaty, you realize that you already said the line and you cannot back out. so you repeat it, a little less confidently than you did the first time.
“Did…did it hurt?”
“What?” she asks rolling her eyes.
“When you fell from heaven, because you are an angel.” At this point, you are expecting that she will be thoroughly impressed but instead of breaking into a smile, she shakes her head and just sidesteps you. As you watch the pretty little derriere sway away, you cannot help but wonder, ‘Why am I such an idiot?” well, that is the world of trying to use Inappropriate pick up lines on girls.
The interesting thing about the lines is that at times, they work like a charm and at other times, you will be left feeling like a complete fool when the audience either does not understand the joke or doesn’t think it is funny. To avoid this awkwardness, below are some rules to follow when using pick up lines on girls.
Judging the social situation
The effectiveness of the line that you will use on a girl depends on the context. For instance, if you are going to be using sexual pick up lines in the office environment, you can expect serious consequences such as complaints about sexual harassment. On the other hand, when you change up the social scene and you are dancing at a bar with a girl you would like to take home, saying the same line could actually help you score. Context also includes the character of the person you will be using the line on. If they do not look like the kind of people who can take a joke, you are likely to hit a rough patch when you use the lines.
Social distance

There are many things that determine the social distance that exists between individuals. For instance, the types of jokes and pickup lines you will use for a college girl are completely different from what you could use on say an older woman who is about five to ten years your senior. The same thing applies to circumstances when the person is your boss at work. This is especially tricky because if the line fails, you can be assured that you will not be getting that promotion that you have been waiting for.

The manner in which the line is delivered
Before you use a line on a girl, you have to make sure that you are on the same page as far as feelings are concerned. First, make sure that you have some kind of chemistry between the two of you. Then, hang around them and look at them or create proximity that will raise the sexual tension between the two of you. When you are sure that the anticipation has reached fever-pitch, deliver your line and make sure that you drop your voice an octave lower. This is what will make the girl want to do sinful things with you. On the other hand, if the line does not work as effectively as you thought, do not get flustered. Instead just give a smile and act like that entire episode did not take place.